July 2011

Farewell and Thank you

After a year of hard work and great fun, three members of the Union Project interns are moving on. Anna, Laura and Alex have each left their mark on Union Project.

Union Project Community Survey

Dear Union Project community member,

This year, Union Project is celebrating our 10th year anniversary of serving our mission:  Using our space to bring people together to connect, create and celebrate.  As part of a decade of service, we are updating our strategic business plan and invite your feedback in the following three ways:

Human Race Yoga: Part of a Bigger Community

Stacey Vespaziani

As a theater major, Stacey Vespaziani was required to take a yoga class. She put it off until her senior year because, in her own words, she “thought [yoga] was so stupid!” As soon as she began, however, she loved it! Suffering from a foot injury, she couldn’t run as she usually did and began practicing even more. Later, in New York City, she found that practicing yoga was the only activity where she could find quiet.

Wheels of Wonder on Bryant Street

Children and Families stopped by the Union Project tent at the Bryant Street Festival this month to try hand building and throwing. Assisted by arts coordinator, Jenna Vandenbrink,  children could get their hands dirty, making their very own creations from birds to volcanoes to flower pots.