Ceramics Cooperative


Union Project’s Ceramics Cooperative is a membership program providing studio space, equipment, and community for ceramic artists.

This unique program offers the opportunity for ceramic artists to grow and strengthen their creative process and skills in a supportive, communal environment. Members work in a shared studio, energize one another, share knowledge, and collaborate. While taking part in a thriving ceramics environment, members also participate in community-based programming that serves the greater Pittsburgh community. 

Advantages Include

  • Participation in a supportive community of artists
  • Learn new skills and gain teaching experience 
  • Access to Union Project’s community studio, tools, and equipment when the building is open for normal business hours
  • Use of all facilities including slab roller, clay mixer, extruder, pug mill, studio glazes, three electric kilns, raku kiln, and an offsite wood kiln
  • Ability to order clay and supplies from Standard Ceramic Supply through Union Project and receive a discounted rate
  • Opportunity for juried participation in Union Project’s sales opportunities: Three Rivers Arts Festival, Highland Park Pottery Tour, and Mother of all Pottery Sales
  • Access to administrative and marketing support to achieve artistic and professional goals.


Associate co-op memberships start at $130/month. Financial accommodations may be made based on need and according to current co-op membership levels. Union Project staff will review individual requests on a case-by-case basis.

UP also offers apprentice level memberships for youth under 18. Apprentice members exchange hour for hour studio time for service, learn a variety of technical studio tasks, have a storage space, and are provided the same access to the studio as Associate Members.

For more information on the co-op, or to apply to join the co-op, see our Membership Application.
To set up an interview or tour of the studio, please contact Jaclyn Harris at 412-363-4550 or jaclyn@unionproject.org.


Current Co-op Members 


Molly Bee | Instagram

  Allie DeMartino
  Tim Cunningham
  Carina Kooiman | Website | Instagram
  Silvija Singh

Mark Vander Heide | mark.b.vanderheide@gmail.com | Instagram
Mark is willing to take on commissions, please contact him via email!

  Emmanuelle Wambach