Farewell and Thank you

After a year of hard work and great fun, three members of the Union Project interns are moving on. Anna, Laura and Alex have each left their mark on Union Project.

Anna Pawsey

Anna Pawsey Joined Union Project this year as Space Rental Coordinator through the PULSE program. Anna has shared her positive attitude and constant smile with the Union Project community and will proceed with the Pulse Program as a participant in the inaugural 2nd year PULSE program. Anna will be working to support the PULSE program in their administrative office, right here at Union Project. 


Laura Harnish
Laura 2As Union Project's Community Liaison, Laura Harnish has spent her time connecting through the arts. Laura was instrumental in helping to complete our Stained Glass Window Project, pulling from her experience as a painter to create her own custom windows. In addition Laura connected with after-school programs, drop-in centers, nursing homes, and hundreds of other people who came together to create a flock of over 1,000+ unique clay birds.

Alex Lake
Alex 2Alex joined the Union Project team in 2009 through the PULSE program and has proven himself to be a highly valued member of the UP team. As Technology Consultant, this year Alex has developed our custom website that will help us to stay connected with our Community.

Thank you to Anna, Laura and Alex for your service to Union Project. You have each done really extraordinary things in our community and we look forward to hearing about the impact you will make next! Click here to read more...


Awesome Job this year!

Alex, Anna and Laura did an amazing job this year! It was a pleasure working with them!

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