Guerilla Gardening at Union Project

The 'Guerilla Gardening' Project, which has been installed in high traffic areas around Pittsburgh is finishing up the season at Union Project. 
The Crocheted pots, by Elise Walton were created to engage and encourage community interaction with the small spider plants living inside. Armed with the question, “Please Water Me?” the hope was pedestrians may take an interest and help the ailing plants while developing a sense of ownership over bland city intersections. (from:

The last eight planters from the project were collected last week and are now on display together at the Union Project.  Elise Received funding from Soup N’At to complete the installations which were distributed in waves of ten all around the city throughout this past summer. Union Project's Street Corner gallery space 


Union Project works to support artists and promote creativity in our community. If you would like a place to share your art and engage our neighborhood, contact





I loved seeing these around the city! What an awesome idea.

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