Making Positive Changes in Our Community

Patty Delaney

Since grade school, Patty Delaney knew she wanted to be a therapist. After graduating with a degree in sociology/criminology, she was involved in a study where she surveyed lesbian and heterosexual women about their experiences with breast cancer. Talking with these women for an hour and a half over the phone, Patty ended up doing some therapy with these women and found the connections they made to be powerful.  She went to grad school in 2003, with the goal of eventually transitioning to full-time counseling.

Patty found out about Union Project through her friends Naomi and Dawn, who had their wedding at Union Project in 2010. Naomi Greenburg is a Union Project tenant, a psychotherapist who has an office Patty describes as “child-friendly, with toys and beautiful lighting.” 

This June, Patty finally made that leap to having her own practice, in an office she shares with Naomi. She’s now meeting with her clients at Union Project, which she describes as “warm and inviting, a place of community.” She views her role as “working with people to learn about themselves and their coping strategies and to begin making positive changes in their life. It’s not magic, but sometimes it can feel that way for me and my clients.”

Behavioral Health Therapist Patricia Delaney can be reached at