Plumb Media: It's Not "Goodbye", It's "See you on Penn Avenue!"

Nik and Kate Stoltzfus

When Nik Stoltzfus and his business partner, Matt Mullet, started their web development and graphic design business, Plumb Media, in 2004, they were located in a huge office in the Strip District. The 1,000-foot space ended up being too large for the start-up, and the next year, the entrepreneurs were back to working in their apartment, meeting clients at coffee shops.

Fortunately, Plumb Media helped Union Project (UP) with some design work, and UP co-founder Justin Rothshank showed them an office, which had been vacant for a year. At first, they co-rented the office, and over time increased their capacity, taking on Dagan Bontrager to help with web development and Kate Stolzfus to do marketing and social media. They’ve enjoyed being a part of the Union Project community over the years; Kate notes that “it’s been amazing to see the change and growth in 5 or 6 years. I feel like I’ve gotten to work here at a really exciting time for Union Project…I know we will always have a strong connection to UP. I’ve been to so many events here over the years, and we had our wedding here!”

By renting affordable space at Union Project, Plumb Media was able to grow to a point where they needed more space. In the spring of 2011, after 4 ½ years at Union Project, Plumb Media graduated to their new larger office on Penn Avenue. “It was the next logical step; we supported an organization we cared about by being at Union Project, and now by purchasing and rehabilitating a property in a neighborhood nearby, we hope to become a welcoming presence in Garfield,” said Nik.

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