Join us for Union Project’s Monster Open House: Saturday April 7th, for a full day of free family-friendly, monster themed community building activities.

9:30a-Noon: Neighborhood Clean-Up
Crawl out of bed for ZOMBIE Patrol: A Community Block Clean Up. Coffee, breakfast, and Goliath-sized, trash bags will be provided. Help us conquer fiendish trash, and blight on our surrounding streets!
Noon-2p: Colossal Community Connections 
Make some colossal connections with local businesses, organizations, and artists. The day will include information, interactive activities, and giant puppets that kids can try on created by artist/performer, Cheryl Capezzuti. 
Noon-2p: Monster Finger Puppets & Student Ceramic Showcase
Travel down to our community ceramic studio to enjoy ceramics made and curated by students of all ages and skill levels. Then bring your silliest, scariest or wackiest monsters to life during our monster finger-puppet making workshop. Hosted by artists from Union Project Ceramic Cooperative.
12:30p: Zumba Sampler
Go WILD in our Atrium, as Tamiah gives a taste of her weekly Community Night Zumba class. 
1:00p: Yoga Sampler 
Channel your inner GUMBY as Julie takes you through a session of Community Night Yoga at UP. 
2:00p: UP Strategic Plan Unveiling
UP unveils it’s mighty, monstrous, towering 2012-14 Strategic Plan. Our fearless leader, Executive Director Jeffrey Dorsey will present the plan with the help of wranglers from our Board of Directors.
2:30-3p: Monster Fashion Show
Join independent playwrights, James Jamison and Alyssa Ruggiero from “Into the Mirror Productions” as they debut costumes from their book Barnaby's Bogeymen and from their upcoming production of Monster Season. 
6p-8p: UP a-go-go Family Dance Party
Bring your little monsters to “UP a-go-go”, an inaugural Family dance party hosted by DJ Wammo. Just a $3 donation per child. Adults free. Monster-ware encouraged. 
+ Watch for some giant creatures to take over our bus stop this month, created for this special event by Pittsburgh artist Cheryl Capezzuti