Something In The Air...

'Tethered Kites' by Will Schlough

Neighbors, commuters, and passers-by have been noticing something in the air at Union Project: a sculptural installation by artist Will Schlough.
'Tethered kites' is a group of three floating kites that are each tied to our connect, create, celebrate signs at the corner of our bustling Stanton/ Negley intersection. The playful sculpture, constructed from steel, fabric, ribbon, string and paint, seems to float freely in the wind in front of our building.

Looking for the best view of Schlough’s work? Look no further than the Stanton/ Negley Port Authority bus stop that dozens of Highland Park residents use to access our neighborhood on a daily basis. So..go ahead: re-route your morning commute or stop by on your way home- just make sure to stop in and get involved with your community here at Union Project.

Union Project works to support artists and promote creativity in our community. If you would like a place to share your art and engage our neighborhood, contact