Union Project Community Survey

Dear Union Project community member,

This year, Union Project is celebrating our 10th year anniversary of serving our mission:  Using our space to bring people together to connect, create and celebrate.  As part of a decade of service, we are updating our strategic business plan and invite your feedback in the following three ways:
First, we would be incredibly grateful if you would take
a few minutes to complete the attached survey and return
it to us by Friday, July 1, 2011. Completed surveys from our various clients will be compiled and analyzed this summer as part of our planning process.
Second, we would love if you would consider sharing your story or a quote and a photo with us for our new website, unionproject.org.  We are interested in starting an archive of your stories that include personal experiences and reasons for choosing Union Project. If we receive something from you, please include your contact info so we can follow up with questions. (Please note that photos should be in .jpeg format or a copy of a photo that we can scan with names of people appearing in the pictures.)
Finally, we welcome you to visit Union Project again to see our recent renovations including cleaning the exterior of our building and making improvements to our Great Hall, including the completed installation of all 155 beautiful community-restored stained glass windows. We think you’ll love what you see and hope you’ll consider holding future events here and continue to act as act as an ambassador for us by telling your friends and family to consider UP for their next special event, office space, or arts class in our ceramics studio.
Yours in service and faith,
Jeffrey Dorsey                               Grant Ervin
Executive Director                         Board Chair
412.363.4550 ext. 26                   412-471-3727 ext. 16
 jeffrey@unionproject.org           gervin@10000friends.org