Union Project Presents: THE DIRT BAG


SO...What is a DIRT BAG?
THE DIRT BAG is an all inclusive kit for all ages to learn how to create with clay together at home!
What's in a DIRT BAG?
  • A helpful lesson card - It has some useful hints for building with clay, a lesson, and important information for parents and adults.
  • Clay - It comes from the ground, can you believe it? Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your clothes.
  • Underglazes - This is thin, colored clay that you can paint on your creation. They won’t hurt you, but don’t eat them.
  • Scoring tool - You may recognize this one from the dinner table...it’s a fork! This tool is used for attaching pieces of clay together.
  • Paint brush - This is used for applying the underglaze to your creation.
  • Pen - To write your name on your box and add your initials to your creation.
  • Cup - For water to use for attaching clay and washing your brush.
  • Cardboard box - This is where your finished creations go when they are ready to be fired next to the work of other artists in the Union Project studio.
The Dirt Bag is a fun, all ages activity for your family - bring the wonder of learning in clay from Union Project to the comfort of your home. The Dirt Bag includes everything you need to start your exploration into clay.  Once you've created, bring your piece back to Union Project and we'll fire it for you!