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WHAT is a Raku?

pictured above: 1)The Kiln being fired in our side yard with gas heat 2)The pots are removed at their highest temp 3) The pots are smoked in paper 4) Sarah being a bad mamma-jamma.

Here at Union Project, our ceramic artists are busy exploring all sorts of different glazing and firing techniques. Just this past weekend Ceramics Cooperative members Sarah and Keith spent time working to master one of the funnier sounding firing techniques, Raku firing.

UP Welcomes: The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

Union Project is happy to welcome The Arthritits Foundation Exercise Program to our space every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-1pm.

6 ways you can invest in UP Today!

Hey neighbor! Haven't seen us in a while? Looking for ways to get involved? Here are 6 ways you can plan to be involved TODAY!


P.S. We miss you, don't stay away long 


a new twist on an old tradition: Egg painting at UP

The egg emerges to show new life as does spring emerge to make for new growth and the beginning of the growing seasons.  
So in line with spring and the celebrations of the end of winter and beginning of spring, why not make a new twist on an old tradition?  Join in and make a lasting mark on a little egg!


Join us for Union Project’s Monster Open House: Saturday April 7th, for a full day of free family-friendly, monster themed community building activities.

Come one, Come all, Community night!

Finally: you can cross Hulahooping, Yoga, Juggling, Zumba, connecting, creating and celebrating off of your list in one swoop!

Community Night at Union Project offers the opportunity to excersize, learn and grow while being led by community teachers.

Our Wednesday night schedule includes:


The Beloved Community at UP

'Many Hands' MLK Jr. Day 2012 from Union Project on Vimeo. Video produced by Ben Noftzger.