Creative Conversation Series

What if Pittsburgh could be an example of how to generate change?Creative Conversation
Monthly, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

This event is FREE. No need to RSVP.

The April, May, and June Creative Conversations will be a 3-part workshop series, Liberation Genealogy in Three Easy Steps. The sessions are open to everyone and may be attended separately or together. The series offers an introduction to African-American genealogy and history. Not only designed to meet the needs of African-American amateur genealogists and historians, but this series will also provide value and inspiration to anyone interested in researching and sharing information about their family histories. Mr. Joseph J. Kennedy, IV will share insights on black family history gleaned from 20 years of study of his own family history, and gives tips and strategies on how to get started in researching and preserving your own rich family history.

Please bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone if you can!

Session 1: Liberation Genealogy: Setting Black Family History Free - April 23, 6:30 - 8:30 pm Genealogist Joseph J. Kennedy IV of Riverbends draws on over 20 years of experience to share Six Lessons from Black family history research that can benefit everybody. Find out what Liberation Genealogy means, and how learning its lessons can improve your own family history research.

Session 2: Liberation Genealogy: Getting Started on Your Digital Family History -- May 16, 6:30 - 8:30 pm No matter what your background or expertise, Joseph J. Kennedy IV of Riverbends can help you to harness the power to digital technology, either to get started on your family history research or to preserve and share the work of other family members. Includes tips on Getting Started; Doing Online Research; and Relentless Digitization.

Session 3: Liberation Genealogy: Pulling It All Together Date TBD, 6:30 - 8:30 pm Building upon the foundations laid in Sessions 1&2, genealogist Joseph J. Kennedy IV of Riverbends shares more tips and strategies on storing and sharing your family history information. Includes tips on Taking Oral Histories; Getting Unstuck, and Sharing Your Findings.

About Joseph J. Kennedy, IV
Joseph J. Kennedy, IV is the Founder and CEO of Riverbends, Inc, a nonprofit, independent and online organization that promotes African-American genealogy and history. Through Riverbends, Joe works with public, private, parochial and charter schools, and with religious, civic and corporate groups, offering lectures and workshops on how digital technology can help to capture and to learn from family history – and on what can be learned from the multifaceted perspectives of African-American History. Joe has taught courses in family history in the Hill District, the North Side, and Homewood, and in Oakland as part of CMU’s Osher lifelong learning program. In researching his own family history for over a decade, Joe has reached back to 1726, identifying 78 ancestors in Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.

About Creative Conversation
Creative Conversation is a monthly event that brings people together to practice constructive dialogue, build empathy, and share resources. We will forge seemingly unlikely relationships by listening and sharing our differing views on current topics. Facilitated by community leaders, our goal is to empower participants to enact change within themselves and within the communities.

More 2019 Dates for Creative Conversations at Union Project

Every month in 2019 starts at 6:30 pm 
This event is free, no rsvp needed

POSTPONED: Wednesday, June 12.  Please stay tuned for a new date.

Union Project is committed to being accessible to all. Union Project is wheelchair accessible via our Stanton Avenue door. Please let us know what accommodations we can make to ensure your experience is positive, contact Michelle Clesse at if you have specific accommodations or needs.

Through the Creative Conversation series, we hope to grow people’s capacity to address issues of inequity in our community. Each conversation is shaped by those participating in this open format. We share our unique perspectives, hopes, and concerns – and then help challenge one another to take action in our lives to create positive change.

The Creative Conversations Series is supported by the Three Rivers Community Foundation.
Union Project's programs are supported in part by the Allegheny Regional Asset District