Union Project’s Ceramics Studio Membership provides studio space, equipment, and community for ceramic artists.

This membership program offers the opportunity for ceramic artists to grow and strengthen their creative process and skills in a supportive, communal environment. Members work in a shared studio, energize one another, share knowledge, and collaborate. While taking part in a thriving ceramics environment, members also participate in community-based programming that serves the greater Pittsburgh community.

Benefits Include

Participation in a supportive community of artists.

Learn new skills and gain experience in kiln loading, glaze and clay mixing, teaching, etc.

Ability to order clay and supplies from Standard Ceramic Supply through Union Project’s quarterly order.

Access to Union Project’s community studio, tools, and equipment during member hours.
(Hours may shift due to COVID-19.)

Participation in weekly shared member firings in the electric kilns, and shared firings in the raku and gas kilns.

Opportunity to apply for participation in Union Project’s sales opportunities: the Mother of All Pottery Sales, Highland Park Pottery Tour, and Lobby Retail.

Use of all equipment including wheels, slab roller, clay mixer, extruder, pug mill, and studio glazes.

Ability to rent and fire solo electric kilns.

Opportunity to have your artistic accomplishments (awards, exhibitions, etc.) promoted to the Union Project community. Union Project has over 11,000 followers across social media channels.

For more information or to set up a tour of the
studio, please contact us.