Mission, Vision & Values


Union Project uses the arts to bridge gaps
between communities.


Through the arts, everyone is able to transform their lives
and communities.

People in a group taking part in an event



We value diversity and are committed to making our programs accessible, affordable, and welcoming to all. We build programs, collaborations, and partnerships that offer opportunities, skills, and resources and engage people in decision-making processes that empower them to make positive social change.

Art and Artists

We use art as a primary strategy for engaging people. Through the arts, we believe we can understand diverse perspectives, create empathy, act compassionately, and learn to accept our fellow human beings.


We believe that collaboration is essential in the creation of inclusive communities. We strive to engage community members in collaborative art that results in the creation of something that is greater than the sum of its parts.


We recognize that building inclusive communities and art making can be hard work and therefore approach our work with joy-filled hearts. We believe joy is contagious and must be felt in order to live out our vision.

To learn more about Union Project’s Vision and how we are working toward it, check out our current Strategic Plan.