Beloved Community Mural

Created at Union Project in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this mosaic colorfully illustrates one of Dr. King’s most profound sentiments, building a “beloved community”—the notion that our service to others must be to build a more inclusive community where all people are valued, respected, and included. This concept also provides the foundation from which Union Project lives its mission to create community by connecting neighbors and celebrating art and faith in common space.

Every year on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Union Project opens its doors to welcome our community together to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This year, Union Project, along with partners Open Door Church, MGR Foundation, and Pittsburgh TASK, planned and hosted a day long celebration that included inspirational programming, youth dance and singing performances, neighborhood leaders reading Dr. King’s speeches, a keynote address from Dr. Ronald Peters (Professor of Urban Ministry, Director of the Metro Urban Institute Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) and the creation of this mural.

Throughout the day of celebration, over 100 people of different colors, ages and backgrounds participated in lovingly piecing together this meaningful work. The final image portrays four people linked to one another, their vine arms twisting together to form a complete circle, illustrating the beauty of diversity and inclusion in the beloved community.  A group of youth helped kick off the day by sharing their ideas of what community looks like to them, ideas that can be seen in the images sprouting off of the intertwined arms.

Union Project thanks all our friends and neighbors who helped build this brilliant reminder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s values, especially MGR Foundation, TASK, Open Door Church, Laura Jean McLaughlin, Amy Treadwell, and Garick Tai-Lee.

We invite you to see yourself reflected in this both whole and fragmented picture, for you are welcome in the beloved community.