Strategic Plan

Union Project Strategic Plan 2016-2020


In 2001, Union Project was born inside a vacant church building with the belief that restoring a community landmark can bring diverse people together and restore a community. Fifteen years later, we realized the original vision of a restored building and are now focusing our programming to create change, and help us build a more inclusive and empathetic community through the power of arts.

Community input, current issues, and changing demographics continue to direct our programs and define community need. Two core areas have emerged as our primary methods for community building and engagement: The Arts, especially through the teaching of ceramics and Inclusive Community Building; collaborating with organizations and individuals to create opportunities for everyone to participate in social change.

With the completion of the 2016-20 Strategic Plan, UP is poised to take our community engagement to a regional level. By 2020, UP will become a leading multidisciplinary arts organization that uses the arts to bridge gaps between communities across Pittsburgh. Over the next five years, UP will focus our work at the intersection of arts and community and grow the programs offered to 500 annually. Read more about the programs that are led, conducted in partnership, or supported by Union Project at the links below or in our Program Schedule.

On behalf of the thousands of community members who have built Union Project from the ground up and continued to improve it every day, we thank you for your interest, feedback, and participation in our vision: Through the arts, everyone is able to transform their lives and their communities.


Union Project Strategic Plan 2016-2020