Union Project was built by people coming together around a common need.

Union Project uses the arts to bridge gaps between communities.

We do so in a myriad of ways: from providing space to essential service providers, to grassroots programs that work to build a more diverse community, and supporting artists and creatives who are working to make Pittsburgh more beautiful.

Instructor teaching ceramics class

hands carving clay

At Union Project, we use the art of ceramics to foster creativity and connections among people.

When given the chance to create and play with clay, people of all ages learn how to express their individuality and explore their own cultural ideas and heritage. Many of our programs go even further, using clay to build collaborations and conversations among people, resulting in appreciation of our differences and empathy for others. This practice helps people to lead richer lives as individuals and be active and understanding members of their communities.

We are dedicated to reaching people diverse in race, ethnicity, religion, age, ability, gender identity, and socioeconomic status.

Union Project believes in the power of the arts to transform individuals, relationships, and communities. We build programs and partnerships that cultivate creative exploration and growth; and then we provide access to ensure ALL people can participate.

Multiple hands working clay

We believe that through ceramics, people of all ages develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that translate to all aspects of life and learning, fostering connections between the self, others, and the greater world around them.

Artwork tools display