The Looking Glass, a performance by Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra

Union Project was pleased to welcome Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra (ELCO) to our stage to present 'The Looking Glass' on Sunday July 29th at 7:00pm in our Great Hall.

One of Pittsburgh most versatile orchestras, ELCO makes it their mission to tear down distinctions of genre and demolish preconceived notions about music by presenting a repertoire spanning from the Middle Ages to present day, placing emphasis on classical, modern classical, and pop music. The music of The Looking Glass takes its inspiration from the Pop Art, Op Art, and Minimal Art of the late 1960s in order to explore the musical connections between Classical Minimalism, Jazz, Funk, and Contemporary Dance Pop. Throbbing, pulsating beats, hypnotic cycles of melody, and sweeping instrumental soundscapes are the hallmark sounds of The Looking Glass. In this endeavor, the Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra presented music that focused on pulse and repetition, with a spotlight on the music of Philip Glass and other so-called minimalist composers.  Unlike the much of the modern classical music which preceded it, minimalist music often emphasizes a recognizable pulse and tonal melodies, with a clear connection to pop music and the music of various non-western traditions (Indian classical music, Indonesian gamelan, African drumming, etc.)  The Looking Glass highlighted the connections of this music to pop art and the loft party culture that spawned it by presenting it alongside transcriptions of jazz, pop, and New Wave music.