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Union Project is seeking new Board Members

Union Project is a small, progressive arts and community organization located at the edge of East Liberty and Highland Park. Since 2002, we’ve built strategies to repurpose our historic church building that serve diverse communities through the arts (mainly ceramics today) to build community, skills, and self-sufficiency. Since our inception, we’ve helped create over 150 FTE jobs (mostly in the arts), launched numerous start-up businesses and fledgling non-profits, and over 20 professional ceramic artists. 

We are currently seeking board members for three-year term commitments to help us:

  • Grow our programs on and off-site (including launching our new Wheel Mobile and state of the art Kiln Shelter) to deepen community engagement and ensure that all people have access to ceramics
  • Continue to improve our historic facility for arts and community use
  • Implement our new Capitalization Plan to better sustain operations

Board Member expectations include:

  • Attend 6 meetings/year + one all-day retreat
  • Engage actively with our mission (via program offerings and/or events), volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Help secure $1000 in give/get donations and/or corporate sponsorships

Experience and Qualities that we are seeking include:

  • Finance and Capitalization (understanding and various kinds of capital, i.e. change capital, risk capital, reserves, etc.)
  • HR, legal, and governance experience
  • Facilities Management, Architects, Contractors, Realtors, etc.
  • Sales experience, Event Planners, Realtors, etc.
  • Corporate PR experience
  • Corporate Employees, in general, to help with connections to sponsor new programs, especially arts education
  • People with a passion for ceramics, crafts, and/or the arts
  • Educators and/or people with connections to places where we can partner to bring ceramic education
  • Community members who bring diverse perspectives and experiences and want to support the stewarding of UP’s mission, facility, etc.

Note: UP Board Meetings are held both in-person and virtual throughout the year.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, or for more information, please email [email protected]